Henry Ford : The Most Impactful Industrialist

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Throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, there have many been many people who have shaped and changed the American and world landscape to what it is today. Many people have brought ideas into the light, and many people have changed major parts of everyday life. These innovators are a reason we have so many good things in this world, and one of those innovators is named Henry Ford. Henry Ford is one of the foremost developers of the American society. Henry brought the idea and concept of an assembly line to the light. He also brought the machine of an automobile to the world. He did not necessarily invent those things, but as an innovator he made sure these things would be apart of the daily life. It is easy today to even see how big of impact cars and automobiles make on everyone’s everyday life. Henry Ford is the most impactful industrialist in American history. July 30th, 1863. The day the world would welcome in a man that would end up changing the way we all live today. This man was the eldest child of William Ford and Mary Litogot. His name was Henry Ford. Henry was born in the township of Greenfield in the cold state of Michigan (The Henry Ford). The young Ford was a very fortunate young man because he was growing up with his father being a successful and wildly respected man in the community. Henry was shown and taught by his father and grandfather the beauty of nature and how important it was in the world. This stuck with him throughout his…

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