Henry Ford The Self Taught Leader An American Innovator

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Henry Ford the Self Taught Leader an American Innovator 1

Henry Ford the Self Taught Leader an American Innovator

Henry Ford the Self Taught Leader an American Innovator
James D. Nicholas
University of Louisville
Dr. Bradley Carpenter
ELFH & 490-91
May 9, 2015

Introduction I plain plan to walk you thru the life of one of the most innovative leader of America History. From his conception to the end of his years the impact that he made in business management. The challenges and problems that he faced along with his unique ideal in which he solving those problem would changes how America business practices would change the world.

In a small town on the Ford?s farm in Greenfield Township Michigan, an innovated leader was born into an immigrant family. William Ford from County Cork, Ireland, his father, a predominant member in the local community in Greenfield Township Michigan and Mary Ford the youngest child of Belgian immigrants whose parents had died when she was a young girl and was adopted by a neighboring family, the O?Herns. William Ford would inherit the O?Hern farm and under his management have a great deal of success. William Ford and Mary Ford had five children. Henry Ford, the oldest child of five siblings, Margaret Ford, Jane Ford, William Ford, and Robert Ford grew up on the family farm.

At the age thirteen Henry Ford lost his mother, and he was devastated with the loss. Henry Ford?s father who thought his son would grow to take over…
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