Henry Ford, hero or villain

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Henry Ford, Hero or Villain?

Henry Ford spent his childhood growing up on a farm located outside of Detroit, his father wanted him to grow up and become a farmer however Ford had other ideas and whilst he was at the far he studied engineering and by 17 he had left the farm and went to Detroit to study engineering. Ford eventually invented the Model T, a car which was cheap so it enabled people who weren’t normally allowed the luxury to drive to be able to have their own car and take their families out in them; however he caused farmers to lose money and was cruel to his workers.
After Ford created the Quadricycle in 1896 he joined investors to establish a company that would manufacturer automobiles, however the two companies disbanded
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This describes Henry ford as being a villain due to the fact that he didn’t like Jewish people as he thought they were the cause of the problems in to world.
Although Henry Ford increased wages to $5 workers still didn’t like working for Ford and his company. Due to the conveyor belts, Ford worked his workers like robots to keep up with the increasing speeds of the conveyor belts and many of the workers were bored as they had to repeat the process every day and it lead to them drinking at work. Also workers lost respect for Ford as he made rude comments in a newspaper, and all though he did apologise he still didn’t regain some of the respect from his workers. This displays Ford as a villain as he worked his workers too hard which led to them being bored and causing them to drink as well as the fact that he offended workers by comments he made in a newspaper.
Henry Ford also hated labour unions. Ford thought that the labour unions were too heavily influenced by some leaders that ended up doing more harm than good for the workers, as well as the fact that the wanted to restrict productivity and in Ford’s opinion productivity was necessary for economic prosperity to exist. To prevent union activity Ford promoted Harry Bennett (former navy boxer) to head of the
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