Henry Ford's With The Great Depression

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In a time of economic freefall and social distraught, the long standing American Dream of becoming wealthy and successful through hard work and perseverance despite obstacles no longer seemed viable. However, the Great Depression did not deter people such as Aloisius Muench and Ralph Borsodi who were focused on persevering in the times of hardships they faced, along with this the depression elicited Henry Ford to urge people to continue to work and strive for the American Dream. During this period of uncertainty, it was families who were most severely struck and placed in the worst economic positions; however, they were the ones who were most determined to survive and succeed. The depression took away a sense of security and many people’s…show more content…
Leading to the question of what kind of economic relied would be provided to the people who needed it, however it causes mixed reactions among people. Henry Ford did not believe that welfare would aid the situation but instead believed that “these handouts must be abolished and a new way needs to be implemented”(Advice to the Unemployed). Ford, along with other members of society, believed that instead of only giving money to people who were in need, they must be helped by creating jobs and stimulating the economy. The development of jobs was seen as a vital way of helping the country out of its depression and in turn help families follow the American Dream once more. Even in retrospect many historians agree that, “The welfare solution could not have been resolved without also aiding these families get back on track”(DIScovering U.S. History). It proved to be vital to help the families in poverty in ways other than simply giving them welfare . Only through the help of new job creation would they be able to progress through the tough economic years they faced and out of the depression. The Great Depression led to the nation as a whole trying to work together to help itself out of the situation it was in and to keep moving…show more content…
In a time where everything appeared to be lost it was the people of the nation which brought it out of this time. Families that found ways to “make a profit off of the produce we grew on our farm. It was this time of self-conservation and self-preservation that allowed us to survive to the point of success”(Rural Families in the Time of Depression) were the ones who collectively brought the country out of the depression. Along with the help of governmental laws passed it was this effort by regular people of the nation that ultimately pushed us through the Great Depression. Even though many families lived in poverty, their determination to better their situation reflected the American Dream and that is what helped this country out. Because of all the interaction being done by people of the country, “the markets were stimulated enough to the point of stabilization just in time for the Second Great War”(1940’s Business and Economy: Overview); in addition to this, the “New Deal's assumption of the federal government's responsibility to provide for the welfare of those unable to care for themselves in an industrial society”(The Legacies of the Great Depression). Through the stimulation of the economy and with the aid of the government in the creation of a new welfare
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