Henry Gantt 's Life And Achievements

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This paper asks the question of why is Henry Gantt, a man who lived in the early 20th century still to this day considered a management pioneer. In order to address the question this paper gives an overview of Henry Gantt’s life and achievements then analyzes of his achievements and how they affected the field of management. Henry Gantt had a brilliant scientific approach to management which he used to further the field. The results of his work while not earth shattering are significant to the field of management thus making Henry Gantt a management pioneer. Summary Henry Gantt was born to his parents Virgil Gantt and Mary Gantt in Calvery County Maryland on May 20th, 1861. From his humble upbringing Gantt jumped right into…show more content…
Gantt had many great life achievements and passed away in November of 1919. Introduction Henry Gantt was determined to make his mark on management. Gantt sought higher education by attending three institutions and obtaining a Masters in Engineering to set the stage for his achievements to come. This paper will look at if Henry Gantt was a management pioneer by analyzing some of his major achievements in his lifetime. The paper evaluate the Task and Bonus System, the Gantt chart, and Gantt’s writing in Work, Wages, and Profits, and Organizing for Work to see how these contributions to management make Henry Gantt a management pioneer. Task and Bonus System Management style is a vital consideration when determining if an individual is a management pioneer. Early on in his career as a management consultant Henry Gantt developed the task and bonus system which he applied in his personal style of management. The task and bonus system is the concept of rewarding managers for how well they trained their employees to improve their performance (journal). The task and bonus system also includes rewarding lower level employees to go above and beyond their given tasks in order for them to gain more skills thus improving their human capital. In the textbook _____ chapter nine Human Resource and Talent Management, the text touches on ways to train and develop employees. Employee development is an important part of any organization because
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