Henry IV, Part 1, by Shakespeare Essay

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In order for one to keep their political status and please their country, there are some qualities, traits and skills required. For some, political skills may be a natural or intuitive trait. For others, it feels uncomfortable and takes excessive effort. In either case, political skills must be practiced and honed in order to recap its benefits. For instance, one may naturally possess skills such as listening to others, communicating and commitment. On the other hand, one may not possess those skills and it may require excessive effort to possess those skills. Prince Hal realizes that he must learn to possess these characteristics if he wants to be a successful king. Henry IV, Part 1 by Shakespeare deals with the struggle of King Henry IV…show more content…
Poins says that they will “set forth before or after them, and appoint them a place of meeting” but they will “pleasure to fail” (1.2.144-146). Hal is able to plot a plan against anyone, whether it is upper or lower class. He has the ability to manipulate anyone and feet no pity towards his “friend.” Secondly, Hal has different views compared to his father on governing and how to please his country. Prince Hal is convincing his father that when it is time for him to take his responsibilities, he will. Hal says that if he can demonstrate that he is not guilty of the false charges then King Henry will forgive him when he does confess of the youthful indiscretions he actually did commit. Hal says that these charges are “nothing pleaseth but rare accidents.” (1.2.178) He states that he may be acting like hooligan now, but when he does take up his duties he will begin to act like a king. He clarifies that when he is done behaving in a foolish way and he accepts his responsibilities, he will seem like a far better man to the society. Hal tries to give everyone a wrong expectation because he thinks that by transforming into a completely different person, he will be able to please his country. Thirdly, Hal is able to convince anyone to believe his word which is an important trait. King Henry told off Hal for his foolish behaviour and Hal was able to convince his father that he had
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