Henry Jones Swot Analysis

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1. Internal environment
• 1.1 Marketing goals + objectives
• 1.2 Marketing strategy + performance
• 1.3 Current organizational resources
2. Customer environment
• 2.1 Firms current and potential customers
• 2.2 Why do customers purchase these products
• 2.3 Why do customers not purchase these products
3. External environment
• 3.1 Competition
• 3.2 Economic growth + stability
• 3.3 Political trends
• 3.4 Legal + regulations
• 3.5 Technology
• 3.6 Socio-cultural trends
4. SWOT analysis
• 4.1 Strengths
• 4.2 Weaknesses
• 4.3 Threats
• 4.4 Opportunities
5. Reference list

Established in 2004, Henry jones is a 5-star luxury waterfront hotel, they operate within Tasmania 's Hospitality industry, and
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This strategy makes it effective in communicating and targeting tourist’s who want to experience Tasmania’s art.
Their distribution , allows them cater towards multiple target markets at the one location, by offering a segmented service, including exclusive 5 star accommodation, along with a high class wine n dine service all at the one convenient location. They use a premium pricing strategy, charging higher prices for high quality services, they effectively communicate the individual art of each room to validate consumers high prices paid for accommodation, and overall the business has an affective integration of all elements of the marketing mix.
The firms performance is booming currently with Tasmania 's tourism and hospitality industry currently increased by (+7%) to 1.26 million (Tourism Tasmania 2017), this however leaves Henry Jones open to competition, meaning they must constantly think of new ways to innovate. Performance is going well, because the hotel has high brand awareness, and preference among international tourists.

1.3 Current organizational resources
Their intangible resources include the art within the rooms, the brand name of the hotel, the heritage and long history of the building which cannot be copied. In recent times Henry jones has been included into
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