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Our study of the distinctively visual deepens our understanding of the world and those who inhabit it. Distinctively visual techniques are skilfully employed by Henry Lawson and Kriv Stenders to deepen our understanding of the world of the Australian outback and those who inhabit it, through their struggles and independence with some humour applied to the stories. These visual effects allow us to get a better understanding of the feelings of the characters and relate their life lessons to our everyday life. The Drover’s Wife creates a vivid picture of an independent and isolated mother’s hardship of taking care and protecting her family. Another story by Henry Lawson called The Loaded Dog shares a more humour filled side to the isolated…show more content…
My eye was open to an important process of becoming friends its first just interest and respect towards each other but standing up for each other and not just thinking of ourselves really stamps friendship. The ironic really opened my eyes to how the world is unpredictable and we have no power over it and once we devote ourselves to somewhere and someone it doesn’t gurantee to last but we must take a risk in order to find what John did. Red Dog by Kriv Stenders is a beautiful example of how people and also animals find each other and create strong bonds even when they don’t expect life’s unpredictable in good and bad. The companionship of the dog plays major roles in each story and their support creates and solves problems. It’s said in Red Dog that “It’s not what he did, it’s who he was”. This gives an in depth theme to all three of the texts as it’s their personality that grabs our attention not just their actions. Based on these three texts the outback and the people living in these remote areas form storng bonds with their pets and they see their companion and loyalty and therefor return the gesture by respect and acceptance. Even in the loaded dog tommy the dog is part of the “gang” and is described as "an overgrown pup... a big foolish, four-footed mate." This description applies to its masters as well he is a symbol of them “like master like dog” also applies to red dog and the drover’s wife. There are many valuable learnt about the

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