Henry Lawson

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Stories use narrative to involve the responder in a range of experiences. Storytellers use narrative techniques to establish a setting and shape the characters personality. This is shown in Henry Lawson’s short stories the drover’s wife and the loaded dog as well as Roger hargreaves picture book little miss sunshine.

Henry Lawson’s the drovers wife, explores the perspicacity of the bush heroine with the use of a narrator. The narrators’ avoidance of using a name for the drover’s wife prevents the responder being influenced by their names and instead allows the responder to judge for themselves through the actions and events that occur in the story. This also shows the responder that the hardships and struggles faced by this woman are
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Throughout the orientation, Miseryland is presented as a sad, unhappy, miserable place using the graphics and text.

‘And when the birds wake up in the morning in Miseryland, they don’t start singing.

They start crying!

Oh, it really is an awful place!’

Then the responder is introduced to little miss sunshine, the main character. she is show to be a happy person ‘whistling happily to herself’ and shown to be the colour yellow in the picture to convey happiness and brightness.

The picture book’s complication arises with little miss sunshine laughing and giggling in front of the king in Miseryland. The pictures capture this with a close up of the king’s and little miss sunshine’s face; hers laughing and the king is crying. This sets a major contrast between the two characters.

The denouement occurs with each main character with their own page with a close up of their happy face and sunshine and flowers and colours with a happy connotation. The picture book closes with Mr. happy saying that he didn’t know such a place as Miseryland existed and little miss sunshine replying with ‘there isn’t!’

In conclusion, the narration in the short stories the drover’s wife, the loaded dog and little miss sunshine, prove highly important in involving the responder in a range of experiences by providing the techniques and storylines for the responder to gain an insight
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