Henry Of The Second Revolutionary Convention

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“Give me liberty or give me death!” (Richard R. Beeman). This was said by Patrick Henry at the St. John’s church in Richmond, Virginia at the second revolutionary convention. This is one of the most famous quotes of all time, not only did it contribute to the Americans actually making the decision to separate, but it fired the colonist up and stunned the other members at the congress (Avalon Project). Henry was a huge figure against the British, he opposed every act that the British had imposed, and as always pushing for separation from the British. Henry had great arguments and was one of the most influential figures before, during and after the war. Henry was a very successful man, he worked hard for what he wanted to achieve and his hard-working attitude allowed him to help get the Americans involved in striving to achieve their independence and for becoming the great nation that it has become today. He was apart of the Continental Congress and the House of Burgess as well. Patrick Henry was the most influential citizen of the colonies because of his commitment to the unification of the country, his numerous acts as a patriot, and his acts for establishing a great state now known as Virginia and his contributions to the Declaration of Rights. Henry had a large role in the continental congress before and during the war, Henry at the Second Continental Congress said, “On May 18, 1775, Henry attended the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Just one month before,…
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