Henry Oliver Alternate Ending

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“Where have you been wondering off to, lately?” Oliver questioned, as though his tabby would actually answer him. Often, Oliver’s cat had wandered around the quiet neighbourhood. Since she used to be feral, he’d decided to let her roam around outside as much as she’d pleased, It never seemed to worry him, she always seemed to find her way back home. Lately, much to his confusion, his cat had been returning from her trips smelling like vanilla, or some sort of intoxicating perfume.
The cat hopped off of the wooden chair, gaining the brown-haired male’s attention. He stood from where he had been seated comfortably on the floor, stretching out his limbs before walking across the dusty wooden floorboards, to the sliding glass doors of his small cosy home. There
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After she did so, Oliver could hear shuffling inside of the home. Finally, he’d get to see who his cat was going to. Shoving his now sweaty left hand into one of his pockets; he eyed the door in an intrigued manner. He hesitantly reached for the doorknob with his other hand.
He touched it and it moved.
The doorknob twisted, before the entrance opened, revealing much to Oliver’s surprise.... a really cute girl. The two of them eyed each other for a brief moment, before Bailey approached the mysterious female figure, rubbing against her legs before sashaying into the home.
“Hey.” Oliver’s demeanour eased, a crooked grin coming across his features. “I was wondering where Bailey was going to every day. I’m Oliver Black, I live around the block.” His words were smooth and easygoing, and her face began to heat up as she was just about to introduce herself.

“Hello! I’m Abby. You go to Eden, right?” It suddenly dawned on Oliver that he had seen her around school, but it wasn’t likely that he knew her because they in different classes. He was actually quite popular in their grade but seemed to only socialise with his
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