Henry Steck 's Ideologies- Corporatization Of Higher Education

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Henry Steck’s Ideologies- Corporatization of Higher Education Steck explains the political shift of academia into the conscious of a corporate - based businesses. By the mid-90s, corporations transcended a physical fixture of the landscape, being integrated in the university itself through intangible means such as the internet. How so? Google is the enterprise that controls electronic research and the transfer of the university 's email system. On a personal note, the "new age" has taken over the former physical bookstore on the UC campus- now dominated by school-pride related merchandise. He further writes of the composition of academic integrity as he systemically categorizes the subtle absorption of corporate culture on the majority of the university 's aspects. The imposition of corporate practices regarding management and the fiscal in the school 's operations, as Steck calls it "the appropriation of intellectual labor for profit." As a result, there is a loss of research-based autonomy and the aforementioned honesty. Both faculty and alumni experience forms of corporatization through department structure and the adaption of management of responsibility and ethical practices for self-improvement to ultimately respond to the demand of political assessment within each specified field. “My premise is that the values of the market and the culture and organizational style of corporate life are changing the university”, (Steck, 68.) Further, he analogizes this

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