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Henry T. Ford (1863-1947) Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether this happens at twenty or at eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young';. - Henry Ford Henry T. Ford, pioneering automotive engineer, is mostly credited forinventing the automobile. The fact is he did not, he used what was developed and studied in the automobile industry to develop his own ideas and revolutionized the automotive industry. His creativity made possible for him to develop the assembly line that sparked the auto production. Henry Ford Henry Ford was born near Dearborn, Michigan, on July 30, 1863. His family had nothing to do with the automobile, they were…show more content…
he was mostly encouraged for doing this by his wife, who was called by her friends “The Believer';, because she encouraged his plans to build a horseless carriage from their earliest days together. Henry Ford followed his interest in finding the engine for his first car. He was interested in steam engines and turbines that produced electricity for Detroit Edison; investors in the United States and Europe were adapting such engines to small passenger vehicles. On January 29, 1886, Karl Benz of Germany received a patent for primitive gas fueled car. This gave the Americans the idea of creating their own gas-fuel-powered car. This can be surprising but the first one to do this was not Henry Ford. In 1893, Charles and Frank Duryea, of Springfield, Massachusetts, built the first gas-powered vehicle in the United States. In the 1890’s, any mechanic with tolls and workbench could have been a titan in automotive developing industry. One of them was Henry Ford whose passion for his own horse less carriage have not died. Even though he worked for Edison, in 1891 he presented a blue print of his internal combustion engine, (which wasn’t much of a blue print because it was drawn on the back of a piece music) to his supportive wife Clara. Henry worked intensively on developing the engine for the next two years. Finally he made a successful test of the engine on Christmas Eve in kitchen sink. After the successful testing of his engine he

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