Henry Tam Case Study

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What is your evaluation of MGI’s team processes? What were the root causes of the team’s process problems? The root cause of MGI’s process problems are a lack of direction and clear personal responsibilities. When looking at the team meetings it is very clear that there was little organization to their efforts. It also seemed as though there was not sufficient purpose to the team’s efforts. Many members were more interested in validating their ideas on what to do to others rather than exchanging ideas or creating an open environment. Quiet often there would be time spent on one topic, then another, then more and more without resolving the first topic. The arguments between Sasha and Dana, the HBS students and the musicians, and…show more content…
Additionally, Alexander would prove to be helpful in both the business aspect and music portions of the project. As a whole the team looked exceptionally strong based on their experiences and varying degrees of education in their fields. The different personalities posed a critical issue with the team but would eventually be addressed in future meetings. Were the differences among the team members a liability or an asset? As in every team there will be differences of opinion and therefore stress in the working group. During this case study we saw the largest differences between Sasha and the HBS Business Plan Team. The team was excited about competing in the contest not only for the experience but to practice their skills for future business opportunities as well. In this sense not only were the differences between the musicians and the HBS students an asset, it was their differences that led the musicians to seek out the HBS students in the first place. Tension between Dana, Henry, and the Russians was seen in the following meetings when Sasha felt his material was ignored. In that sense their differences were a major liability. Dana and Henry were also getting annoyed by the fact that they were doing the majority of the work even when they had other things to do. As time went on they learned how to operate better and became more aware of how to look past
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