Henry Tam and Mgi Team Process

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HENRY TAM AND THE MGI TEAM CASE STUDY Introduction The Music Games International (Hereafter referred to as “MGI”) team comprised of seven (7) members as stated - The group is extremely diverse comprising of the following, Henry Tam and Dana Soiman were final semester students at Harvard Business School (Hereafter referred to as “HBS”) working on the business plan not just for the competition, and as a professional challenge as soon. For the founders, Sasha Gimpelson was known for his unconventional ideas. Igor Tkachenko, an accomplished musician and Roman Yakub, a composer. Alex Sartakov -introduced to the group through a mutual friend of Igor and Sasha, he had music background, Dav Clark was a MIT graduate had a software background…show more content…
Nothing is free in the life these days; monetary is usually the driving force and motivation to be inspired. An example of how Facebook became very successful and because of that it leads to various lawsuits when suddenly of the bushes many people claimed input and ideas that created the social portal. It’s always a wise move to discuss and negotiable potential agreement with sound legal advice. As for the norming stage, it was completely blunder since no detail discussion on goals, norms and values took place and no team spirit developed. The norming stage was filled up with unnecessary argumentation and unhealthy conflict between the co-founders and the HBS students while the other two were sitting on the other side. Failure in this stage thus led to poor team performance as no team leader who has utmost authority identified, no clear goal as to win the HBS Business Plan Competition or market MGI’s products successfully defined and the status of both Henry and Dana, whether they were business partners or interns/lackeys was also not decided. They team was no different to a ship with no admiral and no direction to go. To be honest once read and analyze the case study, it is obvious that there was no cohesion, not only as a group overall, but even within a splinter teams. It seems that Roman was disagreeing within the Soviet splinter group and the HBS students disagreeing with Sasha and it was vice-versa. Negative related issue related to low helping

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