Henry The V ( Twelfth )

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Henry the V (5th) is one of William Shakespeare’s famous plays and is patriotic and exciting play that is centred around Henry V’s responsibilities as King and his personality while on his conquest in France. The play covers the many problems that occur throughout the journey and Henry’s Victories in the main battles. Henry’s life before he was Kings was mostly drinking and fighting even though he was prince these problems would highly affect his peoples’ support. Henry had a couple of Drinking companions: Bardolph , Nim , Pistol and Falstaff, all who were Henry’s best friends. When Henry was made King he had to take up his important responsibilities as king and that would mean abandoning his friends and forgetting about his past life and start anew). Henry’s life changed dramatically after he was made king and become one of England’s Best Kings, Henry was mature, calm, intelligent and is highly religious which are the good qualities for a king (Quote): “We are no tyrant, but a Christian king”. Henry shows these qualities when he makes a claim to French land and send a message to the French King to inform him of his rightful claim, however The Dauphin decides to reply to Henry by Sending him a box of Tennis balls to mock his age as king, the dauphin is insulting Henry by saying he’s a child and is not fit to be King, Henry Is infuriated by this however he stays calm (Quote): “We are glad the Dauphin is so pleasant with us; His present and your pains we thank you for”.
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