Henry V, By William Shakespeare

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The Real Henry V Through the play Henry V, by William Shakespeare, Henry is portrayed as a King who is well organized, and in complete control of his command. In the end of the play a different personality of King Henry is exposed. Catherine’s King Henry is vulnerable, and almost begging Catherine to be his wife. This Henry that is trying to woo Catherine doesn’t seem like the real Henry, he seems vulnerable, and self-conscious. When examining Henry throughout the play he is in control, his moves are strategically planned. The Henry that comes to life at the end of the play is not the Henry the audience has come to know, he is disheveled and at Catherine’s mercy. The real Henry the play describes is not the Henry from the end of the play. The Henry that begs Catherine for her hand in marriage seems like a different person than the Henry V that is a pillar of strength and in control for the rest of the play. The real Henry is in complete control, his every move is strategic, and planned. In the end his begging Catherine might be part of his elaborate plan to gain control of France which was his ultimate goal. King Henry V declares rights to the throne of France. He declares war and a right to the throne of France. When dealing with the face of war, and Talking to his men he is in control and expects them to live up to the legacy their fathers left to them. “Whose blood is fet from fathers of war proof/ Fathers that like so many Alexanders?” (Shakespeare, 3.1.18-19 1504.)…
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