Henry VII Essay

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Henry VII

In 1485 Henry Tudor became Henry VII he seized the throne by force at the battle of Bosworth with great help from his mother lady Margaret Beaufort. He was already promised to Elisabeth of York. However, didn't marry her until after he became king because he didn't want the people to think that he was on the throne because of her. He wanted them to think that he was on the throne because of his power and great leader skills.

Within a year they had a baby son and an heir to the throne and they went on to have many other children both boys and girls. This marriage was a very clever and important one, by marring Elisabeth Henry brought the houses of Lancaster and York closer together,
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He also made a fantastic start by claiming back all the lands that had been lost since 1455 this meant war and he became very successful in war.

When Henry took over the country there were a great many barons and they were rich and powerful like kings so Henry had to come up with a way to control them and make them respect him. He set heavy fines for any barons that were planning secret armies against him, he heavily taxed them to reduce their wealth and with this money he was able to develop his army, a powerful army lead by the king would also be a threat to the barons. He also used 'The Court of Star Chamber' a court run by men the king trusted and they were relied on to severally punish any baron who angered the king.

Henry made some very good alliances with France, Spain and Scotland this helped him to avoid war with these countries. His eldest son Arthur married the princess of Spain, his daughter Margaret married the king of Scotland James IV and Henrys youngest child Mary married the king of France Louis XII and later Charles the duke of Suffolk. Henry encouraged trade with forern countries making more friends meaning a lower chance of war with those countries. By not going to war Henry saved lots of money as war was very expensive in those
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