Henry VIII And Louis XIV Essay

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Henry VIII and Louis XIV

Henry VIII and Louis XIV were both men whose accomplishments on a national level for their respective countries of England and France were great, but whose very different personal problems gave them a negative impression in history.      The two leaders had very different ruling styles, but with a few similar themes throughout. Perhaps the best thing to look at first is their very different attitudes toward God and God¹s power in monarchy and state. Henry
VIII on England grew up as a very strong Catholic, at the insistence of his mother and father. He was known to be ³a man of daily devotionals, setting an example for his people² (Canon 76). His own writings, most especially a book of
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This war, which ended in 1714, left France exhausted and weakened.
     Both men had a common ability to see the goodness in other men as royal advisors. Both hired surprisingly intelligent and wise men to run their affairs for them, perhaps Henry even more than Louis XIV. One of Henry¹s chief advisors is immortalized in Shakespeare¹s ³The Life and Times of Kind Henry VIII².
Cardinal Wolsey is spoken of there as ³a man such as history had never yet laid their eyes upon, a man who could have others get his own will enforced²
(Shakespeare 78). Wolsey spent little time at the British court, but the time he spent was valuable. He served as chief advisor to a young, newly crowned, and impressionable King Henry. He formed Henry¹s ideas about government, spoke for the monarch in assembly, and reputedly taught Henry everything he knew about economics from an early age. Two other advisors are also known to history as serving in Henry¹s later life, Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More.
     Likewise, Louis XIV, in a mark of true genius, was wise enough to appoint someone wiser than himself to run the government. He had many, and oddly, most of their names have been erased from history. Jean Baptise Colbert, advisor to Louis in his formative years as a monarch, later wrote in prison, ³

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