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Early years

Henry VIII was born on June 28, 1491 at Greenwich Palace. His Parents, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, were very loving and proud parents, even though they didn’t see much of their children. Henry was their second son. He was styled as the “Duke of York”. He had his own servants, Court Jesters, and to top it off he had is own whipping boy that would receive whippings whenever Henry did something bad.

Henry was said to be charming, handsome and full of life. He loved music, so much that when he was only ten years old he could play many instruments including the Fife, Harp, Viola, and drums. He was also very smart. He could speak French, Latin, and a bit of Spanish. He loved Hunting. His favorite sports were hunting ,of
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2nd half of Reign

Henry was engaged to Catherine of Aragon, widow of his older brother Arthur at age 12 when his brother died. Catherine was 5 years older than Henry was. They were married when Henry’s father, Henry VII, died and Henry VIII took the Throne and Catherine became Queen.

At this time Henry wanted a son so badly, an heir to his throne. Catherine had many children with with Henry. Only one survived and it unfortunately was not a boy. It was a girl, Princess Mary. She somehow managed to survive the plagues and sicknesses at that time. Although Henry wanted a son badly and did not get one he still did not blame Catherine for not giving him any boys.

During the time he was with his 1st wife Catherine he was believed to have been with 2 mistresses. He didn’t know that Catherine knew he had them all along and she kept silent about it. Then he met his second wife. Her name was Anne Boleyn. She was the daughter of an English diplomat who lived in France and served Henry VIII’s sister Mary. After King Luis died Mary returned to England and became one of Catherine’s servants. With her, she was secretly betrothed to Henry Percy. Percy was already promised to another woman and his parents would never except him marrying her. Wolsey found out and told the King and Anne was banished from the royal court. She held a grudge against Wolsey and never forgave him for it. She returned in 1524 or 1525. In 1526 Henry began to pursue her. She refused

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