Henry Viii And Henry Vi : Why Did Shakespeare Do This !?

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Sasha Woods
English 2B
Ms. Carey
Henry VIII and Henry VI: Why did Shakespeare do this!?! The Shakespearean playwrights, Henry VIII and Henry VI are portrayed as the most powerful and dominant king that ever ruled England. Then you take a look at these two kings real lives and it strikes mystery. What true? What not? What to believe, what not believe? Well in this book report, I will compare and contrast the playwrights that Shakespeare wrote, to there real lives. But first we have to go through a quick summary of each story, both of the kings real lives, and then why Shakespeare did this to these stories. You will be surprised at the things that these kings really did, and what Shakespeare did too. So, “To be, or not to be, that is the question!”- Hamlet, William Shakespeare Well lets start with Henry VIII. When the play begins, Duke of Buckingham put Cardinal Wolsey on trial for treason. Then they found out that actually that Duke of Buckingham was trying to take the throne from Henry VIII too and was sentence to death. Then Cardinal Wolsey had a house party and Henry VIII was in a disguise but Cardinal Wolsey seen right through it. That is when Henry VIII met Anne Boleyn at that party. Then every body heard about the divorce of Henry VIII 's first wife Katherine of Aragon, but Henry VIII demoted her to “Princess Dowager”, but while they were still in the divorce process, he secretly got married to Anne Boleyn. Then he asked Cardinal Wolsey if he was trying to

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