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1511-12 | First War with France | Unable to sustain the campaign, due to poor alliance with Ferdinand of Spain and HRE, did nothing and pulled out. Spain used invasion as distraction to seize Navarre | 1513 | Battle of Spurs | Defeated the French, captured towns Therouanne and Tournai, neither of which were much use to England, but in peace treaty signed in 1514 with Louis XII, Henry was to keep the towns | | Battle of Flodden | Scottish King James IV took advantage of Henry’s absence to invade England, Earl of Surrey’s troops defeated the Scots, James killed and Henry’s sister Margaret became regent | 1518 | Treaty of London | Wolsey drew up a treaty of universal peace, which united Europe against the Ottoman Empire, committed the…show more content…
Spent £400,000, annual income was £100,000. Henry was let down by Charles who focussed all his attention recovering Milan | | Battle of Pavia | Financial pressures meant Henry was obliged to withdraw, Charles achieved victory over France and captured the French king | | Amicable Grant | To cover the costs of war, Wolsey sent out commissioners to collect a forced loan, which was imposed on 1/3 of incomes of the clergy and laity. Mass resistance led to the Grant being abandoned | | Treaty of More | Henry gave up his claims to France and would receive an annual pension of £20,000 from France | | Treaty of Westminster | England would enter a full alliance with France and either Francis or his son would marry Princess Mary | 1526 | League of Cognac | Alliance between France, the Papacy, Venice and Florence and intended to put pressure on Charles V to enter discussion to cease fighting | | Diplomatic Revolution | Wolsey’s attempt to form an alliance with France and Italy to readdress the balance of power, causes resentment in England due to hatred of the French and alienates Charles | | Eltham Ordiances | Wolsey reduced the number of the Bedchamber from 12 to 6, which provided an extra £107,000 a year | 1527 | Sack of Rome | Charles invade Rome and the Pope is

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