Henry Viii : The King Of England

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Some say Henry VIII is the man who ruled in England for over three decades, while others have stated how he was the man who had six wives. Considerably less have conveyed how he was the man whose awful choices led to the downfall of himself and his rule. The truth is, Henry VIII has been put into a box, a box of minimized information, limiting the spread of knowledge about his true self. It is merely about how many wives he had, who his wives were, and what he did to them. That is not who Henry VIII is, yet he is seen more as his relationships then as the king of England. Due to the information - or lack of information - people have been fed by the internet and others, they have failed to realize that he was severely overweight and unhealthy. His health problems were partly to blame for his actions and changed his mentality as well as physicality. Henry’s health decline weakened his reign, for he was no longer able to make the smart decisions with his pain-clouded vision. He was unable to attend to many of his responsibilities as king, which ended up affecting him and his people greatly. As a result of Henry’s personal desires, he got ill, which could have been prevented if he was able to control his own greed and want. His poor health could have been avoided, and it led to his overly aggressive and aggravated self, along with his increased cruelty and instability. Henry VIII was born on June 28, 1491 in the town of Greenwich, England. Being the second son of Henry VII,
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