Henry Watson, A Fugitive Slave

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“He gave orders that his body should not be removed from the spot where he fell, as he wished it to serve as an example to the rest of us; and there it remained, the vultures rioting and feasting on the remains of a man, whose only fault was a black skin” (16). Published in 1848 the antebellum piece the Narrative of Henry Watson, a fugitive Slave written by Henry Watson himself, explicitly shows the atrocious consequences slaves received in every aspect of life for no reason other than procuring a different shade of skin color. The Narrative of the life of Henry Watson, born a slave in Virginia, encapsulates the perspectives of a man chained to slavery, and his journey to free himself of this sinister institution. Significantly, Watson’s narrative provides an uncensored account of the cruelty and pain associated with slaveholders and their property; it also illustrates how the business of slavery was proficiently ran, while depicting how Christian religion was used to justify, indoctrinate, and guide the establishment of American slavery.
Henry Watson, born in the year 1813, was raised as a slave to the state of Virginia and to a man named Bibb. The narrative walks through Watson’s life from childhood, separated from his mother, to his eventual escape into the North, achieving long awaited freedom. Watson chronicles the changing path his life takes him on, as commerce to several slave-owners across the South, working in the house and the field Watson paints a picture of…
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