Henry's Daughters Essay

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Engineering Ethics Questions 1 & 2: The film Henry’s daughters covers a wide range of ethical issues that can be experienced in and out of the work environment. The following are a list of ethical issues witnessed in this film in order of importance (highest to lowest). 1. The sexual harassment issue experienced by Julie from her co-worker, as well as the “ogling” she faced 2. Henry using favors to influence decision-making to benefit himself without consideration of external parties involved, including both his daughters. He should be thinking as a father first and foremost rather than a businessman. 3. Intellectual property sharing issues between family and friends- Laura and Julie, as they live together, do not avoid…show more content…
This creates an ethical issue as there isn’t an even playing field in relation to the competition. Other ethical issues surrounding Henry exist as well. Conflicts of interest present as both Henry’s daughters are engineers and are working on opposing teams for the competition. One daughter is on GUIDEME’s team while the other is on Outocar. Henry knows the competition is rigged and that one of his daughters will get shortchanged. Henry also helped Jeff’s son (Jeff is in charge of the competition) get into an engineering school on a full ride with his contacts. This is a conflict of interest as Jeff is on one of the teams for the competition. Henry informed Jeff that he has the opportunity to be the national technical liaison for GUIDEME. With this, Jeff would be able to retire with full benefits, as well as pension while working with GUIDEME. Finally, Laura and Henry were having a conversation, during which Laura mentioned that she though OUTOCAR deserved to win the competition. during a conversation between Henry and Laura, she mentioned that OUTOCAR should win the competition. Upon hearing this, Henry tried to influence her to change her decision to GUIDEME for his personal interests. ii. First and foremost, Henry’s actions are illegal- taking prize money for a competition that was not fairly won is highly unethical. Also, Henry should realize that there is
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