Essay on Henry's Diagnosis of Conduct Disorder

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Throughout the movie “The Good Son” there are many examples of Henry’s mental illness. Because of his aggression towards animals and people, the destruction of property, deceitfulness, and serious rule violations, Henry is diagnosed with Conduct Disorder (CD) (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 12/10/09). Throughout the movie Henry demonstrates all of these characteristics. He shattered windows on an old warehouse by throwing rocks. Henry also shot and killed a dog and showed no remorse in doing so. These actions are unjustifiable to the mind of a normal person, but they are completely normal to Henry. The first example of Henry’s (CD) is the attempts on his sister’s life. Henry attempted to kill his younger sister…show more content…
Moreover, another event from the movie that shows his (CD) is his attempt to kill his mother. After running away from her in the woods and hiding, he tries to push his mother of a cliff. This plan was once again stopped by Mark. This ultimately led to Henrys death. This shows just how maladaptive or out of touch with the world Henry was. As I pointed out earlier, Henry was a very intelligent and manipulative child. He convinced his parents and other elders around him to believe that he was the perfect child and tried turning them against his cousin Mark. He even had Mark’s doctor believing that Mark had a problem. According to (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 12/10/09) both of these events are characteristics of (CD). Furthermore, Henry’s behavior is very atypical. This can be seen when Henry reveals the crossbow that he personally made. Then Henry proceeds to show Mark how it works by firing it and nearly missing a cat. When Marks said that it was close to hitting the cat, Henry responded by saying “yeah the scopes not dialed in yet”, meaning that the whole time Henry was aiming to kill the cat. However, this does not stop Henry. The next day, after fixing the scope, Henry aims at a dog, shoots and kills it. This shows that Henry has no problem killing animals as well as people, which is yet another characteristic of (CD) (Mayo Clinic, 12/10/09). Conduct disorder is a complicated group of behavioral and emotional problems

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