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Hensch To make a choice is easy, but to make the right one can sometimes be very difficult. To speak one´s mind and stand up to your opinion can also be thought, especially when being in a large crowd, but sometimes it is the most important time for doing so. In the old days watching a musical or going to the theater was entertaining enough; it gave people a chance to relax and enjoy their time off, but now thing have changed. However, the cinema and musicals are still entertaining but the tings we find amusing have become more and more bizarre. This contemp-orary short story “Hensch” which is an American short story published in 1997, bring up the to-pic “entertainment” for discussion; have too many boundaries been crossed? Have we…show more content…
“If rumors of this kind were disturbing to us, if they prevented us from celebrating Hensch´s arrival with innocent delight, we nevertheless acknowledged that without such dubious entice-ments we´d have been unlikely to attend the performance at all”. The use of “us” and “we” in this quotation tells us that there are more than one narrator, maybe even that the whole audience acts as narrators for the story. The short story must therefore be told in a first person plural pers-pective. But even though there are several narrators, they all share the same point of view. Everyone is scared of what is going to happen to these girls who are brought up to the stage, but at the same time they all crave the drama and the excitement of entertainment. Also the fact, that the narrators are aware of that Hensch has tendency to cross the line at his shows, they still go because they want to see if the mysterious rumors are true. The use of the plural point of view could be chosen to illustrate that people are becoming victims of peer pressure. That the narrator does not have a single voice makes it impossible to blame someone for the things that take place, the only ones to blame are the people in the audi-ence as a whole, because no one steps up and speak their mind. After the show the narrators are constantly trying to convince themselves that what Hensch did was
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