Hepatic Angiography Essay

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There has been several work on freehand gesture interaction that covers different fields, for instance, the medical applications [17]. In the operating room, doctors should minimize the action of touching surrounding area because of sterilized operation theater. In such situation, the surgeon usually asks another staff member to help him to interact with the display (e.g. zoom in/out images). This way of interaction might lead to some latency between doctor decisions and actions to be performed by the other member. Hepatic angiography is a study of an X-ray of the blood vessels that supply the liver. The procedure uses a thin and flexible catheter that is placed into a blood vessel through a small cut. A trained doctor called an Interventional radiologist usually performs the procedure. The proposed work is part of a project…show more content…
In this paper, we present an interactive system that will help surgeons in the operating room to control the reconstructed 3D image on the large screen using pre-set hand gestures, which can be executed at a distance from the display. One of the important issues in any hand gesture recognition system is its ability to differentiate between intended gestures and unintended gestures [19].
This is a critical issue, especially in a place like the operating room as the surgeons do many gestures during the operation to communicate with other doctors and nurses and perform several hand movements for the surgery procedure. The main contribution here is to find an algorithm that can discriminate between these unintended gestures and those specifically intended ones that are needed to be interpreted by the system as commands to interact with the 3D images on the
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