Hepatitis B Virus Lab Report

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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a major reason which contributes to liver disease and threatens health of human beings. (1) It has enveloped virion. The basic conformation is that a signal –stranded viral RNA packaged into the assembling capsid and reverse-transcribed into DNA in this compartment. (2, 3) HBV capsids are commonly in which they present two distinct icosahedral geometries, composed of 90 and 120 dimers with masses of ≈3 and ≈4 MDa, respectively, corresponding to triangulation numbers of T = 3 and T = 4 and nominally consisting of 180 and 240 subunits. (4, 5, 6) Capsid protein has a 140-resudue N-terminal core domain which is connected to a 34-residue protaimine domain via a 10-residue linker. (7)The protamine domain binds
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In macromolecular mass spectrometry, electro spray ionization (ESI) is used to generate multiple charged ions of a protein or protein complex, especially producing ion signals with a roughly Gaussian-shaped and charge-state distribution. If the mass resolution is enough, there are adjacent peaks in the spectra which could be observed presented the charge and the mass of the analyte being determined. Viruses and capsids are subjected to ESI mass spectrometry (11, 12) Nevertheless, due to insufficient mass resolution, precise masses are hard to be determined. Because of highly improved technology, it is well prepared to analyze in vitro-assembled HBV capsids characterized in a wide range of particles tests. It analyzed two capsids of cp149 variants: the subject and control group, 3C→A ( cysteine-free )and 61C(cysteine included),respectively. Then to test the masses of molecular under a spectrum of high mass resolution and separated charge states, both caspids reveals the similar pattern. These spectra produced masses of both capsids respectively, and the measurements are quite closed to the expected masses of capsids, consisting of 90 and 120 dimers, responding to the subject and control group. No other particle with which fewer or more than 90 and 120 dimers was
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