Hepatitis C And Its Effects On The Disease

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Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus. The disease can be either acute or a chronic infection, which can be mild or a lifelong disease. This disease also is the major cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer. The disease is slow moving and sometimes take up to thirty years to damage the liver. In the United States there are an estimated three to four million people with the disease and are not even aware. Approximately thirty percent of the individuals infected within six months have no symptoms and will not even be aware that they have the disease. In the remaining seventy percent infected the disease will become chronic. According to statics one hundred and seventy million people are chronically infected worldwide.…show more content…
Prior to 1992, the cause included blood transfusions and organ transplants. Since then preventable measures for all donated blood and organs are tested, and rarely anyone gets the disease in this manner now. The main reasons for the Hepatitis C virus are as described: 1. Injection of drugs The injection of illegal drugs are one of the highest risk of becoming infected with the Hepatitis C virus. The disease can be spread by injecting only one contaminated needle into a person. It is estimated ninety percent of the individual that inject drugs have the disease. 2. Sex Despite the risk is very low the disease can be spread through unprotected sex. The risk is higher among men having sex with men or having sex with multiple partners. However the best way to prevent the spread is the use of condoms. 3. The use of sharing toothbrushes, scissor or razors The use of sharing items is a potential risk in becoming infected with the disease through small amount of contaminated blood. Despite equipment can pose the risk of infection through non sterilized or cleaned standards most salons operate at high standards. 4. Need sticks among healthcare workers Among the healthcare worker such as nurses, laboratory technicians there is a one in thirty percent chance of getting punctured accidently by a needle of a person infected with
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