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My uncle was not the only person to become infected with the hepatitis C virus, but in fact many people are presently struggling to keep it under control. Today four million Americans are infected with the hepatitis C virus and there are thirty thousand new cases of this virus found each year (Turkington 9). Hepatitis C takes ten thousand lives each year just in the United States, and without effective treatment the death rate is expected to triple in the next fifteen years (Turkington 9). Seventy-five percent of those infected with the virus will develop chronic hepatitis and half of those people will develop cirrhosis of the liver (Turkington 9). The hepatitis C virus is sometimes referred to as the “Hidden Epidemic” because an…show more content…
There are many tests to determine which genotype the patient has. Genotype tests are not necessary because treatment has nothing to do with the strain of the virus and also these tests are very expensive (Turkington 11). Hepatitis C, though it has a wide diversity, is a very deadly virus because it attacks a very important organ, the liver. The main target of hepatitis is the liver, which is one of the most important organs in the human body. The liver is the largest internal organ we have, and is located in the upper right section of the abdomen. The liver has many functions it carries out for our bodies. The liver stores glycogen that is converted into sugar and then releases it into the body for energy (Bushie). It also stores iron, copper, fat and many other essential vitamins (Bushie). The liver cleans and purifies blood, activates most medicines, forms nutrients into simpler substances, and manufactures proteins (Turkington 2-4). The proteins the liver produces are albumin, which carries nutrients to certain parts of the body, and others that stop bleeding (Turkington 3). The liver can heal and replace its own lost tissues while other cells take over the jobs of the damaged ones (Turkington 4). Hepatitis C causes inflammation of the liver’s cells and tissues. If the liver is injured and stops functioning, death will always be the outcome (Lieber). The earliest sign of liver disease is jaundice (Lieber). Often diseases that are painless, such as

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