Hepatitis Case Study Essay

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Lab test results show a positive anti-HCV and confirm that Chad has Hepatitis C. The nurse explains to Chad that Hepatitis is liver disease with inflammation of the cells of the liver. Chad states "I can't have Hepatitis. I had all three of the vaccinations before I started working as a paramedic."
There are five major types of viral Hepatitis: A, B, C, D, and E.

What information about the vaccination series for Hepatitis received by healthcare workers will the nurse use in response to Chad's statement?
A) Each of the injections is specifically formulated to protect against Hepatitis A, B, or C.
There is currently no vaccination for Hepatitis C.

B) Each of the injections is specifically formulated to protect
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Because of Chad's exposure to viral Hepatitis, the nurse manager of Emergency Services reviews the standards of care used in client rescue and transport.

In addition to diligent hand washing and the consistent use of other Standard Precautions, which measure will help reduce the transmission of Hepatitis?
A) Portable sharps containers available at every emergency situation.
The use of portable sharps containers reduces the risk of accidental needle sticks.

B) Use of masks during client transport.
Blood-borne infections are not spread by respiratory droplets, so the use of masks is not necessary.

C) Careful recapping of used needles.
Used needles should not be recapped. Rather, they should be placed immediately in the proper container.

D) Immediate isolation of suspected Hepatitis carriers.
It is not necessary to place Hepatitis carriers in isolation.

Clinical Manifestations
While performing a physical assessment, the nurse notes that Chad's skin has a yellow cast.

This should be documented as:
A) Cyanosis.
Cyanosis refers to a bluish skin color rather than a yellow skin color. It is the result of decreased tissue oxygenation.

B) Jaundice.
Jaundice occurs when excess bilirubin diffuses through the skin.

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