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Viral hepatitis are distinct diseases that affects and injures the liver due to the inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ. They are caused by the contamination of food or water, the practice of unsafe sex, and by the usage of dirty syringes or needles. There are six known types of hepatitis, but the three which are most common include A-B-and C, as they cause about ninety percent of acute (lasts less than six months) hepatitis cases in Canada. Many people infected by this disease mistake it for the flu for its flu-like symptoms, or don’t notice it at all because it’s also possible to experience hepatitis with no symptoms at all. It is a lethal disease, as hepatitis B kills 500, 000 people alone each year. Many people have a…show more content…
Most likely, the hepatitis B will go away on its own. If someone has chronic hepatitis B, treatment will depend whether the infection is worsening and damaging your liver. There are medicines for chronic hepatitis B, although most people who have the infection will endure full and normal lives by eating and exercising right. Getting regular checkups by the doctor is also a must, as the hepatitis might suddenly start attacking at any moment, any time. Every human is susceptible to hepatitis B, and it is advised to take a vaccination of three shots (such as twinrix) to prevent the virus. Hepatitis C is a disease infecting the liver, based on the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). The infection is usually asymptomatic, but can lead to cirrhosis as advanced scarring, which may then turn into liver cancer, and liver failure (wikipedia.com). The virus was originally called “non-A non-B hepatitis” because it was known that hepatitis A and B were not the cause of the non-A non B hepatitis, but was then officially changed go hepatitis C in 1989 (dummies.com). It is spread by the blood of an affected person. The transfer of blood may be because of shared needles to inject illegal drugs, organ transplant or blood transfusion before 1992 (before that year hepatitis C was not checked for), a shot, tattoo or piercing by a needle with infected blood still on it, and by a child that birth was given to by an infected mother. It is still unsure whether hepatitis C can be

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