Hepatitis a

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Hepatitis A

• Hepatitis A is caused by the “Hepatitis A Virus”; this is also part of the RNA virus. HEP A is found in the liver and is something that can last for a few days or several months at a time. It could take about 2-6 weeks after the infection has entered your body in order for you to start showing symptoms if this. This is something that is mainly found in places were clean water is scarce and that the environment is not so safe. Usually it is contracted in the early childhood stages for the most cases seen. Usually after that, it tends to be a little more severe than normal. There is many more strain of Hepatitis that can be more severe and even deadly to most of the population. This is something that once a person has become
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Other might have missed the illness because they had received vaccination as a young child. This served as a reminder to all the importance of washing hands after using the restrooms and to not always be so careless about the restaurants that they chose to eat at. It could potentially be life threatening.
• The usual Symptoms of this are: o Fever o Yellowing of the skin (jaundice) o Fatigue o Stomach pains o Nausea o Diarrhea o Vomiting o Appetite loss
As stated before this is something that can either last a few days or several months. HEP A has a very low mortality rate compared to the other strain of hepatitis. A child will get a milder form of the disease and adults will get a little bit more severe case of this. For kids it can last for a few weeks but for adults it might be a little bit longer. The prevention is to get the vaccination at an early age but there is no real treatment for this exam. Doctors recommend a lot of rest and to stay away from any fatty foods and/or alcohol because it can upset the stomach more.
• It is important to always wash your hands and wash your foods thoroughly. We know that you cannot wash your hamburger once it prepared but also be mindful of where you are going to eat. Just always wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer before eating or working with food. These viruses live on surfaces also and can be transmitted by direct contact and by digestion. If

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