Hephaestus-The Armor Of The Earth

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The Armor of the Earth

There was a mortal man, who was a master at the art of metal working, and many warriors flocked to try his wares, for his armor was the best, and was desired by many. The god Hephaestus was envious of his skill, for some say he was better than the god himself, but this displeased Hephaestus, but pleased the man, whose name was Palistoths, to have the honor of being compared with the god of his craft, and this was validation for skillful Palistoths, who knew he was the best at metal working. Zeus had noticed that Palistoths was a skillful worker, possibly better than Hephaestus, so asked Hermes to fetch Palistoths and bring him to Mount Olympus, so Hermes flew like a bird, sleek and feathery, like a black bullet through
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But Hephaestus, putting his plan into action, asked Poseidon to strike the armor, and Poseidon struck the armor with the force of an earth shaker, and the beautiful armor broke into many pieces called plates, and the plates drifted apart and into one another, shaking the blessed land, pleasing Poseidon.
However, skilled Palistoths was not knowledgeable of Poseidon’s act upon his armor, and he was taken to Mount Olympus by Hermes, flying like a bird, sleek and feathery, like a black bullet through the sky, speeding towards its target, until they were at the feet of Zeus.
“Great Zeus, O lordliest of the mighty, the task is complete, the work is done, the armor has been laid upon this blessed land, so such land shall be protected from any outside evils.”
But when Zeus looked at the armor, he saw it broken, floating freely on the crust of the Earth, and he angrily turned to mortal Palistoths.
“The armor you have made has been laid on the blessed land, but has been done so in many pieces, and so the task is not
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