Her Breaking Point

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"You must be Brooklyn," the middle aged lady, behind the counter, beams. Her warm greeting seemed to calm my growing nerves. She leans over the counter abruptly, wrapping her strong arms around my body. The nerves were back. As soon as she pulls away my eyes scan the small shop, searching for any possible audience. Luckily the only other person inside was oblivious to the situation. The stranger instantly grasps my attention; his lean body was nearly pressed against the shelf, and his head darts to the left and then to the right, before returning to its previous position. Under closer observation I notice how his arm reaches out and the way his fingers wrap around a bottle - of alcohol I presume - and how he quickly stuffed the bottle into his coat, letting the black material envelope it... "That guys stealing," I spoke in a hushed tone, and my body shook with fear. "What was that dear?" The lady asks. "That guy is stealing," the lady spun towards the guy. "Put that back," she yells, her demand was followed by the guy breaking into a sprint and exiting through the door. The lady's hand digs into her pocket and pulls out a mobile phone. "Shouldn't we go after him?" I don't know why I asked that, it's not as if I was going to go after him. That's dangerous. "No, I'll just call the owner, so he knows that someone has stolen something. What did he steal?" She queries whilst tapping buttons on her phone. "One of those bottles," I answer, pointing at one of the alcohol
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