Heracles And The Nemean Lion Essay

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Created just a century or so later than the Pseudo- Apollodorus accounts in the Bibliotheca 2, this mosaic titled “Heracles & the Nemean Lion” was created in the third century C.E. Located in the National Archeological Museum of Spain, neither the catalog number for the museum or the Beazley Archive number are given. More than 700 years had passed since the creation of figures 1-4, and the story is still the same. Although in this mosaic, Heracles is standing up and strangling the lion, not on the ground. Heracles is also still naked, not having obtained his armor, which would come from that very lion. This is a mosaic found in a roman context. Meaning that the transition from prominently Greek society to one shared, and later taken over, with Rome kept the legend of Heracles very close to what it had become, even when crossing cultural lines.
Present day of the legend of Heracles, using the roman version Hercules, still has not changed. With the twelve athlois still being present, the first being the Nemean lion, the legend has stayed true. In the 2014 remake of “Hercules” starring Dwayne Johnson, it describes the first athloi, the Nemean lion. The movie does include the description that the lion was in a cave and Hercules did go in to defeat the lion. The lion’s skin was also impervious to
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Than those accounts by Theocritus that had people witnessing Heracles, and how Heracles lifted the lion over his back instead of choking him on the ground. To where and who was involved with the lion like Diodorus Siculus states. Then in Greek/Roman times when the Pseudo Apollodorus writes about the same myth poking fun at the Mycenaeans and king Eurystheus. By this time though, the story seems to take hold into what it becomes today with the numerous productions of movies, books, and stories of
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