Herbal Medicine Vs. Herbal Medicines

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A natural drug because it is derived from nature is beginning to emerge at a faster rate and is known as the alternative medicine or herbal medicines. Botanical medicine or Herbalism is another way of describing the strict use of plants or plant extracts that may be ingested or applied to the skin to treat illness and assist the bodily functions (Herbalism). Pharmaceutical drugs are said to be inevitable, but so are their symptoms, side effects and harmful substances used to produce them. These days herbal medicine is marketed aggressively across the world, so it’s a good time to take a look at why this is, and what advantages herbal medicine can offer over prescription drugs. Herbal remedies are gradually becoming more accepting and…show more content…
So we automatically think, oh, they were not supposed to take these drugs or they abused the substance, wrong, the patients are not the ones at fault and neither are the doctors, people are following the directions, the bolded print on the back and the prescriptions given, but are still dying. Sadly, this is occurring because doctors simply are unable to know how every single one of our bodies reacts to a certain medicine causing different symptoms and side effects and some unable to withhold the prescripted amount. This is exactly why people avoid pharmaceutical drugs, they are dangerous, unpredictable, and at times fatal. Herbal medicines are a newer face to medicine, but have already met the standards and exceeded the expectations of pharmaceutical drugs because you are unable to overdose on a plant, and no synthesized chemicals are included with these because it is 100% derived from nature and these medicines only turn symptom filled and fatal when the scientists get their hands on them. Nature is our friend and so are herbal remedies. Along with the synthesized chemicals used to produce these drugs they fail in the category of availability as well. For one, these drugs need scientists, doctors, physicians, pharmacists and many other highly educated individuals to make just one pill. Places that suffer from low income, poor environment, and destroyed hope are unable to acquire

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