Herbarium Specimens Demonstrate Earlier Flowers

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Herbarium Specimens Demonstrate Earlier Flowering Times In Response To Warming In Boston Primack, D, et. al.
The background information. 1. In museums the specimen are used to see what their responses to the climate change are. In addition phenological studies provide a response indicator within this research of earlier dates of flowering in certain locations. 2. In this experiment flowering dates were recorded in the spring time from the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, Massachusetts. Key factors that play a role in climate change of earlier flowering dates include, population size and temperature.
B. Why did the scientists do this research? 1. The scientists did the research to test the records of the herbarium plants to see if they had (if any) affects from the climate change. 2. The
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Results A. If the temperature is not included as an explanation in the equation then over the many years of following the earlier flowering times the outcome might have been different. B. Once the calculations were completed in each category the mean turned out to be the same as before.
IV. Discussion A. What did the results mean? 1. The results could reflect the responses of native species to the climate change. The scientists said, “Using such data, analyses could allow scientists to clarify the extent and character of local variation in natural responses to climate change.” (Primack et, al. 345) 2. There are more precise patterns that can be observed from the herbarium plants over any other kind of plant. B. What are the limitations to this study? Local conditions of road way construction around the arboretum could have caused a warming that affected the flowering times.

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