Herbert Hoover Essay

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Herbert Hoover was known as the Great Humanitarian and the Great Engineer. Yet, he was blamed almost entirely for the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover accomplished much in his life, but it was definitely not an easy journey; he went through the ups and downs of the learning years that paved the path leading to his presidency, and he ultimately faced his fears. Herbert Hoover was born in the rural town of West Branch, Iowa on August 10, 1874, to Jesse and Hulda Hoover. Herbert was born in one of the three rooms in the Hoover’s home. Jesse compared Herbert to Ulysses S. Grant; he was very hopeful for his son’s future. Jesse Hoover was the owner of a blacksmith shop in their small, rural town. Herbert, called Bert, had two siblings, an …show more content…
After two years at the land settlement company, Hoover started taking night courses at a business school. Hoover learned from a Quaker math teacher about Stanford University, and he had a great desire to attend there. Herbert failed his first entrance exam, but Stanford allowed him another opportunity to take the exam. He was the tender age of seventeen when he began his engineering studies at Stanford. Stanford was not an inexpensive school; Herbert worked several entry-level jobs to afford to attend. (Chang, 18-20) Hoover was very involved in the university’s student government. He was also the treasurer of his junior class. (Fausold, 5) During his time at the university, Herbert the met lovely Louise Henry, often called Lou. Herbert later described her as, “A symbol of everything wholesome in American life.” (Chang, 41) Lou was the first woman to major in geology at Stanford. (Chang, 20) After graduating with an A.B. degree, Herbert took a job with the mining engineer, Louis Janin; Herbert was asked to work on projects in California, Colorado, and Nevada. A year later, Herbert Hoover got a job with the mining firm of Bewick, Moreing, and Company of London. While working with the firm, he was sent on a two-year assignment in Australia working on gold mines. During his time in Australia, Herbert was made a partner with this firm; he was only twenty-seven. (Rice, 2) Although