Herbs: Wicca And Paganism

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About Herbs Herbs have been used throughout the ages not just for their culinary benefits. In the use of magick and healing certain herbs and plants are used for their spirits or characteristics. Herbs were used in incenses potions, and amulets to protect against evil, draw abundance, and give protection and to heal all type of illnesses. In early times when herbs were added to foods, they were mainly included for their magickal or medicinal properties, instead of for their flavor. A good deal of herbal lore has been forgotten, but as luck would have it the popularity and rising interest in Wicca and Paganism has meant more people have increased their knowledge on this intriguing topic and are concentrating on the gifts that nature has to present us.…show more content…
They can be worked for protection, divination; banishing, purification, evoking and sprinkling a small pinch of corresponding herbs into the candle flame can give more power to your spell. Why Herbs Are Worked In Magick Like individuals, herbs have a gender. They are ruled by not only by an element, but also a planet and are more often than not, they are dedicated to a God or Goddess. This is the herbal correspondence, an important element in Wiccan Magick. You’ll find that growing and cultivating herbs in your own garden can give you the benefit of having your energies already influencing your plants. A plant such as Dill, which is ruled by Mars, will then have all of the effect of the Sun and Fire, along with your personal energies. Ways to Use Herbs Charms and sachets - Fill a small bag, which may be as simple as a square of fabric tied together or a handmade work of art. of the correct color or material, with herbs to make a charm or sachet. You can carry the charm with you, hang it in your car or house. Bury or burn your charm, depending on the reason, and purpose of the spell you are
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