Hercules: A Short Story

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once upon a time there was an evil god-mother who was in charge of her husband's daughter while he was away at war. The young princess, named Mary Margaret, was to stop her subjects from being invaded by the evil barbarians of the west, and it was her job to save them. And if she didn’t, her evil god-mother would destroy her forever. One day, after an attack, her subjects came to ask for help, and Mary was too afraid to go and stop this mess, so she ran into the woods where she fell in a hole and cried for help. “Help, Help, HELP! I’m stuck!!! Somebody save me!!!” she cried. “Wait a second”, said a calm voice “I’ll lift you up.” And with one hand, a strong hero lifted her up out of the hole. “Who are you?” asked the thankful princess. “I am Hercules, greek god son of zeus, who are you?”…show more content…
“No need to bow, i’m just a princess.” “But, you are royalty.” He said “But you are a greek god.” she replied. And so, Mary and Hercules, returned to Hercules came, and ate dinner. During dinner, Mary dared to ask a simple question, “Umm, so I have to defend a kingdom… and I need to fight the barbarians of the west, and I was wondering, since you are so strong, if you could teach me how to fight them.” He said, “I will teach you everything you need to know, after all, you are my princess.” He bowed awkwardly, and grabbed his bow. After that, he taught her the basics, and then the went to war the next day. **************************************************************************************************** The next day, the two set off for the poor village of Gonzaga, where the group of 5 barbarians were ready to fight for the small riches of the village “Give me that necklace.” the first barbarian
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