Hercules : Hercules And Hercules

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In the movie, Hercules, Hercules overcomes tough challenges despite the unfavorable circumstances. Baby Hercules is stolen from Mt. Olympus by Hades evil minions. This is Hades plan to overthrow Zeus from his reign. After drinking a potion that would have stripped Hercules of his immortality, he is forced to live among humans. To become a God again, he must prove himself a true hero on Earth. With help from his trainer Phil, Hercules becomes stronger and uses his strength to protect the surrounding people; from a series of monsters. Hades sends Meg to lure Hercules and to figure out his weaknesses. Instead, they fall in love. Hades and Hercules make a deal, where Hades can have Hercules strength for 24 hours. Hercules risks his life to find Meg in the underworld which proves his heroic abilities, and he gains his godly powers. He saves Mt. Olympus from Hades’ monsters, and Hercules can return home. Except Meg, wouldn’t be able to live there; because she is a human. So Hercules, decides to live on Earth with Meg. The lesson that the director is telling is that, to have what you want you must work hard and never give up. I feel that the director effectively shows this lesson, because there’s evidence in the movie, to back it up. Hercules really wants to be back up with the Gods, and to do that he must prove he is a true hero. After he worked incredibly hard to become a hero, it’s not enough. On top of that, Hades takes his strength, which makes it impossible for Hercules to
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