Hercules : One Of The Most Important And Heroic Heroes From The Greek Myths

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Hercules is one of the most important and iconic heroes from the Greek myths. His qualities or bravery, perseverance, and strength have inspired people from Ancient Greek times from today. Hercules was born in Thebes, Greece. His father was believed to be Amphitryon, but his biological father was the god, Zeus. Hera was jealous and angry because Zeus was unfaithful to her, so she held a grudge and vowed to kill him when he was young. When Hercules was a child his mother put him and his brother, Iphicles, to sleep in their nursery when two snakes crawled in. Hercules was not afraid and strangled the snakes with ease, it was then that they all knew Hercules was destined for greatness. Caroline: Hercules was very emotional, and unfortunately not very good at controlling these emotions. As a child he was taught things like fencing, driving, and wrestling in school, which he enjoyed, however, subjects like art he did not. He became so angry one day and struck his music teacher in the head, unitentionally killing him, he was extremely sorry for what he had done, but did it many more times after. At age 18 he killed the Thespian lion, which lived in the woods of Cithaeron. He then fought and conquered the Minyans, who were oppressing the Thebans, and as a gift they gave him Princess Megara’s hand in marriage. Hercules and Princess Megara gotsingle-handedly defeated the general of the Canaanite army using her strength and wits. An interpretation of her story says, “Her deed is
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