Hercules : The Legendary Journeys

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The “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” television show was one of the most highly rated television shows of its time. It began airing in January 1995 and aired until November 1999. The six season, 116 episode show also prompted several television movies and a spinoff show entitled Xena: Warrior Princess. The first episode entitled The Wrong path opens with the show’s two main characters, Hercules, played by the tall, muscular, and tan Kevin Sorbo and Iolaus, played by the short and spunky Michael Hurst brawling with bandits robbing a bar and saving the owner and his wife from certain death. The main traits showcased in the first scene are Hercules’ strength, cunning, and intelligence and Iolaus’ over-confidence. During the fight scene, both fight off many of the bandits, but Iolaus eventually get cornered and beat up pretty badly with blood spurting form his mouth. While this is happening Hercules is being distracted by other bandits and the shopkeeper, who is hanging by a noose with only a stool to hold him up, almost has the stool holding him up knocked away. Quick-thinking Hercules sees a knife nearby, flicks it to his hands with his foot while fending off three attackers and throws it at the rope holding the man up just as he is about to fall to his death. He then fights off Iolaus’ attackers and all being well, the two pals go off laughing into the night. This scene of comparing the two characters and how that will affect them later in the episode. Hercules is always

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