Hercules : The Strongest Of All Heros

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Hercules was best known for being the strongest of all heros . Stronger than many gods . He was the last child of Zeus, the only born from a mortal women to evolve to a god after his death. Even just as a baby he was very strong . Hercules was forced to twelve labors and actually accomplished the most impossible task , he is one of the bravest heroes for even attempting these task to redeem himself after killing his family . After accomplishing the twelve labors , Hercules didn't sit back and take a break . He had many more adventures. Hercules was known for is extraordinary strength ,his bravery , and his adventuresome life. Hercules was best known for his strength. Strongest of all morals and even stronger than many gods. He was the last mortal of Zeus , and the only man born of a women to become a god upon his own death . His strength was a noticeable lack of intelligence. Hercules was the brightest of the heros , he once got mad at the sun because it was to hot and threatened to shoot the sun. Compared to Odysseus, Hercules wasn't the smartest . Odysseus was one of the more intelligent heros. Odysseus has the name “nobody “ from the cyclops . When fighting off the cyclops , Odysseus decided to blind the Cyclops instead of actually killing it . When the Cyclopes gets asked who blinded him he would say “nobody ; so nobody's would actually know who it was. As a baby Hera didn't like Hercules , even as he got older she didn't like him . When Hercules was a

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