Herding Dog Training

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Owning a herd dog is such a privilege and can be of so much help, when you have a herd of sheep, or any other animals. The part you have to focus on the most, is the training of the dog you choose. Herding a dog do have that special gene in them, however, they still need that special attention and training, once you get the dog.

Herding dog training, is a crucial part, for having a great herding dog. You must find that one special dog, that will be the best for your home and the size of your land. You may even want to get two or more. However, if you have a small to medium herd, you can just stick to one, good herding dog. You also want to think about if you want to get a puppy, or a herding dog that is older and has had some experience.
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However, he will have to get to know your neck of the woods. When having him, you must get him used to the animals and pasture. Train him how you want him to do things. Even though he may be used to a different approach, you can always teach him your way. The quote, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", is so false. Especially with herding a dog. They are very intelligent, as are all dogs.

When you have a herding dog to train, you have to be very persistent with him. As with any other training. Stick to one command for a while, or the dog or puppy will tend to get confused, and sometimes even frustrated. However, one command can get pretty boring for the dog is ready and more than willing to work. So as soon as you feel he is comfortable and has the it down, then begin another command. Remember, always finish a command with a "great job". He will love the praise and will be ready to go for some more.

With whatever dog you choose, the process will be incredibly easier, considering that the herding dogs already have the herding instinct bred into them. Although, it can still be a tiresome job, for the both of you, the end result will be that you have a wonderful herding dog, that you trained, to take care of some important
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