Here Are My Bases For My Appeal Against This Unfair And

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Here are my bases for my appeal against this unfair and unfavorable decision by Mr. Hill: 1. On my first day of employment, I was told by Ms. Byers, the company’s current Bookeeeper and whom I was replacing, that the job was very flexible and that I could come and go as I pleased, if I did most of my hours, which I did. Mr. Shumway, Vanderbilt’s General Manager, also mentioned this in my interview. a. This was one of the main reasons for me taking a big pay cut and lose benefits from my prior job and accept this position. 2. The first occasion I temporarily stepped out of the office was on Wednesday, March 29. On this day, my daughter had her vaccination appointment. On March 27, I mentioned it to Ms. Byers, and she said it would be ok…show more content…
Shumway in our conversation. Before this, I received no warning or notification by the General Manager, Mr. Shumway, who is responsible for the company. Mr. Hill mentioned that Ms. Byers, who was a “Manager”, had provided me with verbal warnings, but this never happened. i. If it had happened, why in my right mind would I have continued to do again whatever I was allegedly warned against? Also, Ms. Byers was just the Bookkeeper (I was never told she was my manager, as she supposedly was leaving the company after she found a job) and had no authority to provide warnings in the first place. This is the duty of the supervisor, who in this case is Mr. Shumway, and who Mr. Hill mentioned had admitted to never personally provided me with any warnings or discipline. ii. I worked in Human Resources before this position, so I am aware of how probations work. The employer must make an effort to make the employee aware of any issues so that the issues can be corrected before the probationary period. These attempts must also be documented. Only after the probationary period has ended can an employee be terminated, based on sufficient evidence that efforts were made to correct any shortcomings and these shortcomings were never fixed. 1. None of these were done to me, nor any effort to make my termination a warning was made either. b. I was terminated half way through
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