Here Are My Members Of My Group : Elizabeth Diaz

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Here are my members in my group: Elizabeth Diaz: She was born in San Francisco, CA to Mexican parents. Automatically made her a U.S. Citizen until this day labeled as full Mexican. Diaz said it was difficult for her to grow up into the Mexican culture, never really fit in. Going to Mexico they would call “gringa” meant “white girl” for being born in America. Living in America same thing you don’t fit in. One thing she dislikes was people labeled her many racist things. For Diaz being a grown woman, she 's proud being Mexican American and learns more about her culture. Ashten Gray: From Dallas, Texas Lesbian, Graffiti Artist, and Marijuana user. She became friends with many people of color. Brigitte Anne Dionisio: She was born and grew up in the Philippines, moved to the United States with siblings at 11 years old. Her family both speak Tagalog and English fluently at home, Dionisio said in her culture Family is valuable, "That 's what my elders teach at every generation." Says Dionisio. She and her family aren 't that religious, Dionisio does go to church on Sundays with her family. Birthdays, Holidays or any event family always get together everyone had to attend. She is from a huge family, she follows every Filipino tradition. The last member of the group is Monthisa Jamara Alton: Born in Sacramento, CA has been to so many places. Then returned to Los Angeles and Berkeley, CA. A very determined woman to finish her education. Here is my team I 'll be honest there were two

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