Here Today Gone Tomorrow

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Here Today Gone Tomorrow Do you remember being a child? I do, vividly. I thought my Dad knew everything. He was the smartest Dad alive. I believed the house I grew up in would always be there. Memphis, Tennessee was the best place to live on earth. I remember thinking old people were over 30 and I would be young, forever. My family would never age and drool like granny. My parents would never leave their teeth in a bowl or container on their bedroom dresser. Life has a way changing things, or is life really about change? Change as defined by Webster means, “to give a different position, course, or direction to”. It is a transition verb. David Bowie produced and sang a…show more content…
Grandpa would stand at the end of the dirt driveway and holler “Tammy”. Thirty minutes later we would hear a cowbell and about 40 cows would cross the yard and driveway on the way to the barn behind the house. It was a slow process but a normal farm ritual. Looking back, I have so many awesome memories on my grandparent’s farm. We cared for grandma’s garden and were able to reap the rewards, which included a scrumptious dinner, every night. My favorite thing in the garden were the tomatoes. Nothing tasted better than homegrown tomatoes. My grandfather planted a 250 tree peach orchard just so the grandkids could learn the value of work. He succeeded. My favorite part of working on the peach orchard, besides eating the peaches, was selling them. People would drive miles and miles for Mon’s peaches. (My grandfather, Monroe Taylor) Meeting new people wanting our peaches brought excitement and provided incentive to work extra hard. When the summer was over, earning money from the profit of the peaches was a highlight. At the time, I was not aware of the valuable lessons my grandparents gave us working on the farm. We fed chickens, fed baby pigs (grandpa raised them for food) fished and swam in the pond. Oh baby that was heaven, minus the snakes. Snakes were in abundance and created a fear that I still carry this day. Driving the tractor was exciting. When I was 15, my grandfather died and summers on the farm were
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